We're All Going to Die

The truth is, we are suffering everyday, everyday its just another day. live its just about survival, fighting for food, fullfill your possesion. you spend that much money for image. half of your life, you trade it for money because who need a 60 years life worth living, a meaningfull life when you can sell your half 30years for money, slavery. prostitute yourself.

Today’s our generation are the most ambitious. they would kill & stab you, everyone who try to block their way, would kill their own family for sacrifice. they want more power, love, money. their obsession about sucsess in life. wiling to trade their soul with demonds.

People think’s they will life forever, they dont want to talk about age, it is taboo. its like when you talk about how you fantacied gangbang sex, absuletely no. you don’t talk about it you never ask for it. its rude. asking how old are you rude, because its remind us the deadth is near. tickling bomb waiting to explode. we hate truth, we hiding things, we fear about everything. and you just keep it cool & faking it.

It’s okay tobe vulnerable. its makes you humans, dont treat your life like a fairy tale, it doesnt exist. perfection is bullshit. stop pretending. be yourself. when life fucked you up you fuck it harder dont bitching yourselves out, i know you better than that, act like champions, brave army, jihadi. acccept reality & know that you’ll going to die so you dont give a fuck about what people think. because fuck to their fake life, don't give a shit. let them play their role, miserable clown. talking about deadth. this clown already dead aniway.