For The Sake Of Love

People’s are stupid. they act like monkey. let say, if monkeys get electric shock whenever he try to grab that apples, then he would never try to touch it again. worse than that he spread this discoveries to other monkeys, to the other species, to the world. he Could write a book about Apples are dangerous writtten beautifully without explaination that cause this phenomenon. i know, human are’nt monkeys they are special in everyway, bigger brain, etcetera. you name it. but the similiarities are bold and clear. now look up yourselves.

Being hurts is sucks, breakup is disaster. unrequired love is bitch. guess what? i want to keep this as punisment for being vulnerable, for loving wrong person. i want to spread this to the world. i would make pages on facebook called “Love is Bitch”, the page is about awarness, how love can destroy you, your family, social life, in every possible way. destroy in every pieces of your life.

See? spot any difference between two paragraph above? yes, human are bald monkeys wearing clothes. let me explain you dumbass, its your ego. the problem are inside you. obsession. you saw cute girls on the street on your way back home, you take that cute girls to your home without any permission. just because you saw it first doesn’t mean it yours. woman aren’t a thing. even a thing is not yours. everything isn’t yours. you didn’t own thing. this is you, you dumbfuck. you need to stop this ego right here, right now.

Love is a gift, you must treat it like a box of chocolate, sweet, dark. just gave it away, throw it away to people you love. for free. no returns. give your best chocolate you’ve ever had. give him/her your time, attention, everything without being slaves. treat them like flowers, water it everyday watch them smile. treat like a child, raise them with joy and happines, feed them with love, so you can see how beautifull is, flower stand up by its own roots in wilderness, child who stand up for themself. hard truth is they are beautiful.

With/without you.