Growing Up

Growing Up, Adultery, Most of us are just faking it. Many people do not care about their jobs and the idea of doing good work for good work’s sake is not universal. its vary. Life goes faster every year. We live longer, but everything is crammed into our one precious lifetime. Days go passing into years, and then years go passing day by day.

Everything costs money, food costs money, electricity costs money, this chair I’m sitting in costs money, the servers used to host this article cost money. I didn’t learn any of this when I lived in my parents’ house.

I know nothing, I used to think I knew a lot, everything, smarter than everyone. Wrong. everyone I know is smarter than me at something. It’s my job to figure out what that is and ask them a billion questions about it. When that happens, the other person lights up because they never get to talk about something they care about, and I get to learn something new. funny how that works.

Life is'nt fair, people with lots of money get more chances to fail than poor people do. I grew up on poor village, mostly farmer. I wasn’t going to sell an app for $17 million at age 16. I was shooting ball to goal since I was 7 old. I loved football. I played all the time. And then, when I tried out for my village team, I didn’t make it. Everyone on the roster was about a faster than me. Genetics, am I right?

Life is not supposed to be fair, because of my childhood, I learned to be introspective. i learned to entertain myself. I learned to appreciate what I have. i learned to write. i learned to read. i learned how to make money. recently, a friend has taught me we find power within life’s unfairness. Now I’m just trying to be me.

It’s going to be okay.