30 Day Challenges: Sit-ups

Fats everywhere, in food, your body, hips biceps, belly. me skinny person never had any problem with fat. i eat like monster, i mean it. people sometimes jealous about it. recently after i no longer working for company its about years ago. now i realized theres a fat on my belly need to get rid off.

I did’nt have any fitness routine before, like never. this fat inside my belly pushing me to get daily fitness routine, so i challenge myself to fight this fat to death, i will sits-ups 30 times a day, eat healthy food, Fasting.

Also, my brother, he join 30 Day Challenges : Push-ups 30 times a day. this morning, when he get started his arms screaming, its really hard get close to 30. we though it was easy stuff. no this routine real hard to us. but when we get it, it’ll become habits, there’s will be no friends of mine can do both sit & push-ups 50 times without break.