For The Sake Of Love

Love is a gift, you must treat it like a box of chocolate, sweet, dark. just gave it away, throw it away to people you love. for free. no returns. give your best chocolate you’ve ever had. give him/her your time, attention, everything without being slaves. treat them like flowers, water it everyday watch them smile. treat like a child, raise them with joy and happines, feed them with love, so you can see how beautifull is, flower stand up by its own roots in wilderness, child who stand up for themself. hard truth is they are beautiful. With/without you.

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We're All Going to Die

People think’s they will life forever, they dont want to talk about age, it is taboo. its like when you talk about how you fantacied gangbang sex, absuletely no. you don’t talk about it you never ask for it. its rude. asking how old are you rude, because its remind us the deadth is near. tickling bomb waiting to explode. we hate truth, we hiding things, we fear about everything. and you just keep it cool & faking it.

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Growing Up

Everything costs money, food costs money, electricity costs money, this chair I’m sitting in costs money, the servers used to host this article cost money. I didn’t learn any of this when I lived in my parents’ house.

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30 Day Challenges: Sit-ups

Fats everywhere, in food, your body, hips biceps, belly. me skinny person never had any problem with fat. i eat like monster, i mean it. people sometimes jealous about it. recently after i no longer working for company its about years ago. now i realized theres a fat on my belly need to get rid off.

I did’nt have any fitness routine before, like never. this fat inside my belly pushing me to get daily fitness routine, so i challenge myself to fight this fat to death, i will sits-ups 30 times a day, eat healthy food, Fasting.

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The Truth is

Right now there are people  (live ones ) who can benefit from your emotional presence. You give a compliment, they walk away happy. Maybe they improve the mood of the next person.

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